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A Quick Update

I realize I haven’t posted on Tumblr in a while! Since 2012. I know it has been a while, so I figured a quick update on where I am and where I’m going is a good idea.

A lot has happened recently. I am now a Master’s student at Syracuse University in the School of Information Studies getting my Master’s in Information Management. No, I’m not abandoning journalism, I’m supplementing my current knowledge with managerial skills that could help me in the future.

New endeavors: I’ve officially been chosen as a Supervisor and Syracuse University Ambulance, I’m currently looking for summer internship opportunities in digital journalism, and I’m working toward my May 2015 graduation.

While I do not update Tumblr often, you can always keep up with me on Twitter or Facebook!


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Here are some more fun shots from todays @News12Long Island #SummerShapeUp segments!

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All week long I’ll be producing the LIVE “Summer Shape-Up” segments at News 12 Long Island. Here are some shots from today!

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As part of #RotoloClass at Syracuse University one of the groups made a “Call Me Maybe” video for the Viral Video project. Their video has over 10,000 views on YouTube and is now featured on Carly Rae Jepsen’s blog!


Here’s a video from @haileytemple for #RotoloClass (Social Media in the Enterprise) at Syracuse University! 

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